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Director of Including Samuel

Essential Reading: Two Responses to the Newtown Tragedy

Jan 03, 2013

One of the advisory board members for Who Cares About Kelsey? was George Sugai, a professor at the University of Connecticut and a national expert on creating safe school cultures.  Sugai co-wrote a recent article in reaction to the Newtown tragedy that powerfully describes how our schools and communities can support tough-to-reach kids, and minimize the chances of future tragedy. The article can be read at http://curry.virginia.edu/articles/sandyhookshooting.

Another national partner on this film project is the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).  In an open letter to President Obama (http://bit.ly/12LnkTE), NAMI details six key steps that can be taken to improve access to mental health care, such as improved early identification and intervention in mental health care and the implementation of school based mental health services and supports. “We are clearly not addressing the needs of students struggling with mental health conditions in many of our nation’s schools,” the letter states.